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Nelly87 05-22-2014 09:27 PM

Request for more information (De Facto 820 Onshore / Partner)
Hi all,

Hope you are all doing well - it's been a while since I've been on here, to be honest things have been tough and being overly aware that we are still pending and waiting at this point wouldn't help my nerves.

Monday we got an email from DIAC. It was a request for additional information as our case is being looked at (18 months, I think that's fair :p ) - it said that because it is an email they presume I'll read it on the day of sending and that because of this I must supply the additional information "within the timeframe specified above" (there is no actual timeframe specified anywhere... great, more to worry about).

They sent along a checklist of what additional information they want - it only says Australian Federal Police check. Due to my having been in Australia for over 12 months at this point, I presume.

I've obviously already applied for the check and it should be in the mail to us as we speak.

That said, after 1,5 years we can't help but want to draw conclusions - we know we can't, DIAC works in mysterious ways, there are zero guarantees. A rejection of the visa at this point, with my partner ill and after all the things we have gone through to be together - it would be devastating so we want to be careful with our expectations.

But a part of me thinks - they're not asking for additional evidence, is that a good thing? Is it a good sign that they only want a police check? I mean - why would they ask for such a technical addition if they were already not impressed by evidence, and if our evidence was insufficient, would they not be asking us for additional evidence of relationship?

Has anyone seen this specific situation before?

I still have not told DIAC about my partner's brain tumour. It's sad but true, I don't think they understand - when something this horrifying happens, the last thing you care about is the paperwork side. You just want your partner to be OK and be OK yourself and sending it to places like DIAC almost feels like playing games - sorry there's a life at stake here, and you want me to supply you some copies? I know it sounds horrible... but that's how it feels. I should tell them soon, though...

Thanks for all your insights in advance and hope you are all doing great,

Nelly (and James)

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