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Partner Visa - Best way to present application? - Page 20

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Old 02-25-2013, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by yanky View Post
I mean home address... Moreover, my work city is different from home address where i have been staying since past two years.. Do i need to write about my work address also?

On the Form 80, there is a separate section where you list all the jobs you've held. That's where you'll include the address for your workplace.

When they are asking where you've lived, that's all they want to know - where you've lived. Where you've worked is different.

Original Nationality: US
Visa #1: PMV (300) through Washington, D.C
Applied: April 2013.
Visa Granted: January 2014.
Visa #2: Subclass 820 (From PMV).
Applied: End of April 2014.
Visa Granted: Early July 2014.
Visa #3: 801 (PR)
Eligibility Date: End of April 2016 (Applied a month prior).
PR Granted: Early April 2017.

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Old 02-25-2013, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by yanky View Post
I mean home address... Moreover, my work city is different from home address where i have been staying since past two years.. Do i need to write about my work address also?

I believe they only want your residential address, not where you have worked but as someone else said it looks like there is a place to list work addresses on another separate form.


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Old 02-25-2013, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by bradsterusa View Post
When I called the hotline, they told me my file was currently being assessed, they have always told me before it was in que to be assessed ... hopefully that means someone is looking at it finally! lol
That's amazing! I hope this is your week? Will you move ASAP once it's granted?


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Old 04-08-2013, 02:05 PM
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hey guys, just call me rain, i have different situation than anyone else in this forum. just wondering if you guys can help me with my application.

me and my husband has the same surname when we were gf and bf. we are 4th cousin actually. we dont know each other before.we just met 2009, 4yrs ago. and we were in an mutual understanding kind of relationship, then got officially gf and bf, 2012. and got married feb 2013. and now we were applying for his spouse visa to come here in australia. can u please help us what requirements do we still need?..and please advise us as well for additional information we can provide since me and my husband was related by surname.

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Old 04-09-2013, 10:35 AM
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can someone help me with my situation, please thank you.

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Old 04-09-2013, 01:07 PM
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Hi Rain -

Please start a new topic for your question - this thread is about the best way to present partner visa application packages.

In response to your question, there are a large number of requirements for any partner visa package - check out and look under partner visas for the Partner Visa Booklet, which will get you started. You should check online, but I believe 4th cousin marriages are legally recognised in Australia.


Mark Northam

Mark Northam
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Old 04-14-2013, 09:03 PM
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How Should I Put My Application Together?
Please do not make complex collations of your application papers. We waste a lot of time (and risk injury to life and limb) deconstructing applications which have been extensively stapled or artfully put together in complex folders with indexes, dividers and tabs. Do not use plastic inserts. Please leave the papers, loosely divided by slide-on paper clips if you feel it is absolutely necessary, in a simple stack. Application form on the top; sponsorship form next; key personal documents next (birth and marriage certificates etc); formal statutory declarations next; and other supporting documents last.

Please do not send us video tapes or photograph albums. If you would like to support your claims with photographs, please choose a representative selection and make a photocopy.

Please do not send us phone cards at all as they can tell us nothing. If you wish to send examples of correspondence, please be very selective and send copies only.

Thank you for sharing this information... very helpful!!!

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Old 04-22-2013, 06:11 AM
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Hi guys,

I’ve recently submitted my wife’s onshore application and was process within 2 months considering everyone was telling us we had a 13month waiting period.

The way we submitted our application was
We looked at the checklist and we placed everything in the order that it was on the checklist.

We did her FBI check and medical check before we submitted and included them in the application

We also included:
8 Photos with a short sentence or two on the back explaining the photo.
1 Month Mobile bill, showing we were in contact.
1 A4 page of facebook chat log.
1 A4 page of facebook activity. Showing we have common friends and photos
1 A4 skype call log.
A few receipts of gifts that we have bought each other.
Marriage certificate
Benefactor of my Super
A few print out of air tickets that shows we meet up with each other.
Pictures from a ultrasound what shows my wife is pregnant.
Bank statement showing we have joint bank accounts.
Statements from both of us
And all the usual forms that’s needs to be included

On most of the evidence of our relationship, I placed a sticky note and mentioning what they are looking at and if need I can provide more.

I think having done the FBI Check and medical speed things up a lot as well.

We placed everything in a big yellow envelop that we picked up from the DIAC office.
Nothing was stapled or put in sleeves apart from the FBI check and Medical which we left unopened.

My wife is pregnant so I’m not sure if that speed things up for us or not.

Good luck all and thanks everyone for the information they have provided on this forum as it has been a big help in putting our application together.

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Old 05-01-2013, 05:06 AM
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Hey all,

Just got approval for my 820 visa in less than a month, and I'm sure that all the advice on how to present and prepare my application I've gotten from here was a MASSIVE advantage to the timely processing of my visa.

I haven't seen too many sample tables of contents in too many threads, and the ones I did find I made sure to print off, as they ended up being a huge help in outlining what I should include and how I should include it.

Because mine was so successful, I thought it'd be nice to include what my table of contents looked like for anyone interested.

Table of Contents:

Application Document Checklist – 2 passport photos of applicant and sponsor attached

1 Forms and Identification Documents
1.1 Completed Form 47SP
1.2 Completed Form 40SP
1.3 Certified copy of American passport- applicant
1.4 Certified copy of Australian passport- sponsor
1.5 Certified copy of American birth certificate- applicant
1.6 Certified copy of VIC birth certificate- sponsor
1.7 Certified copy of current ANZ VISA Debit card – applicant
1.8 Copy of Letter from employer confirming employment – sponsor

2 Medicals and Character Documents
2.1 Medical assessment results
2.2 United States FBI Police check
2.3 Statutory declaration explaining WI circuit court access
2.4 Wisconsin, USA circuit court background check
2.5 Australian Federal Police Check
2.6 Completed Form 80

3 History of the relationship
3.1 Statutory Declaration- applicant
3.2 Statutory Declaration- sponsor
3.3 Copy of VIC Defacto Relationship Certificate

4 Evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship
4.1 Financial Aspects
4.1.1 Statement explaining the following evidence
4.1.2 Copy of bank records for previous 12 months - applicant
4.1.3 Copy of bank records for previous 12 months - sponsor
4.1.4 Copy of shared Flybuys Account information

4.2 Nature of the household
4.2.1 Statement explaining the following evidence
4.2.2 Statement outlining the basis on which responsibility for housework was/ is distributed
4.2.3 Copy of Residential Tenancy Agreement for ((address))
4.2.4 Proof of Residential Tenancy at Deakin University - applicant
4.2.5 Proof of Residential Tenancy at Deakin University - sponsor
4.2.6 Copy of Wannon Water Agreement for ((address))
4.2.7 Copy of bank statements addressed to applicant and sponsor at ((address))

4.3 Social Context of the relationship
4.3.1 Statement explaining the following evidence
4.3.2 Copies of photos of applicant and sponsor
4.3.3 Copy of Christmas card 2012
4.3.4 Receipt for purchase of music festival tickets
4.3.5 Copy of music festival tickets – applicant and sponsor
4.3.6 Copy of Facebook friendship
4.3.7 Copies of two Facebook invitations/events (including comments)
4.3.8 Four Statutory Declarations of Australian Citizens
4.3.9 Two Statutory Declarations of non-Australian Citizens – mother of applicant, friend of applicant and sponsor

4.4 Nature of our commitment to each other
4.4.1 Statement explaining following evidence
4.4.2 Copy of birthday letters – given to sponsor from applicant
4.4.3 Copy of pages of book – given to applicant from sponsor
4.4.4 Copy of deferment confirmation for James Cook University - applicant

As per everyone's suggestions.. the only things I had paperclipped were the forms 47SP, 40SP, and 80 - just to make it easier to separate the most important forms from all the rest. Each section (1-4) was tucked into a plain sheet of paper folded in half around them. After that we just popped everything into a nice protective envelope and sent it off. easy as that right??

^kidding. it's lots of work and gathering of evidence, and we had stat decs at the beginning or in the middle of almost every section just to explain the relevance to the application. That way the CO could look at the stat decs, see what we included and why, and decide whether or not they actually needed to go through that part at all or if they could move on. On things like pictures or individual transactions from bank statements, dates on cards, etc. we highlighted what was relevant and put a short blurb next to it with a further explanation if we thought it was necessary.

I thought I may have gone overboard in the organization of it all, but it does pay off!

Good luck all

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Old 05-01-2013, 06:44 AM
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Hi. I applied for a defacto partner visa from the United States at the end of April, and reading the information everyone submitted with their applications, I am nkw terrified that i did not provide enough information with my application - especially in terms of evidence of the relationship.

I am applying for the partner visa based on having a de facto relationship with my partner. I lived in australia with my partner for just under 12 months, but we registered our relationship with the NSW Registry of Births and Deaths and submitted that certification with our visa application - so that we may have the 1-year relationship requirement waived.

The thing is - because I was there on a work and holiday visa (meaning I had work restrictions and couldn't make a lot of money) and my partner is in University and not working, we lived out of one bedroom in his parents' house rather than having our own place together and used his mum's old car rather than buying a car of our own together. So we don't have a lease with our name on it or car insurance taken out together or anything.

With our application, we both wrote our stat dec's - and mine was about 8 pages long. We provided our 2 supporting dec's - one from a mutual friend, who was there when we met for the first time, and one from my partner's mum. And I provided about 20 cards total - some from him to me, some from me to him, some from our families to the other partner, and a few addressed to both of us at the same address. I also provided a small flat photo book that I made for each of us as an anniversary gift. We also opened a joint account together about halfway into my trip to Australia and started using it to pay for groceries, dinners, trips to the movies, and a few activities we participated in together on trips. So I provided a few bank statements showing those transactions.

I didn't know that I was meant to supply dinner receipts, movie ticket stubs, and stuff like that, though. I am really worried we don't have enough physical evidence to prove the validity of our relationship - not just in what we already provided but in what I could pull together at all if more evidence was needed..

Is there any chance that this would be considered sufficient evidence to have the visa granted? Does anyone have any advice or suggestions as to what I should do now - if anything? Should I be worried?

Thanks! :/


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