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national 06-16-2011 07:47 AM

online difficulty
dear fellow,

just wanna ask again...i already sign the online application for 475 visa and save most of my answers how ever in the payment pages i can't save because i have some problems,one of those is it did not required me to send thru attachment my papers and most of the questions is for myself only?when they will require me to send documents if i already sent my payment...?another is in my online application in ielts,the form is asking for an ielts references number but since i can't find that number in my ielts report i encoded the ielts centre number of that right? another thing is in the post secondary qualification is the course that i graduated? And i have a brother which is have a JR of my father,where should i put his jr? next to the given name? if his name is Juan it will become JUANJR? is that right? Lastly,in one form it it said that Provide details of all countries in which you, your spouse/de facto partner or dependents (migrating or not) have lived for 12 months or more (since turning 16) during the last 10 years. The 12 month period of residence may be made up of a number of shorter periods. You must account for every year...this is the form said in my of my application...i did not answer since childhood i M HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES ..and i proceed to next page but it won't go to other i answered it ....from year 2000 upto yesterday that i am here in the philippines and i put my this right..hope you can help me..

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