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manuka 07-11-2011 01:05 AM

A complex case here...
Hello to everybody here,
I've gone through probly hundred topics on this forum and found so much useful stuff so thank you. However my case is very different so i'd like to ask your advises here.
Briefly of my situation: I'm a student on 2 years visa (assessment level 3) which expires in February next year. My partner is on student visa (assessment level 1) as well but it expires on 30th July 2011. We met on May 2010 and started our relationship. Now we are gathering evidence to prove our relationship is legit. (travels, bill, photos, rents, bank statements)
We've been told there are 3 options for us: 1) My partner applies for a new student visa 2) I reapply and include my partner (i didn't include her in my initial app) 3) to add her into my current visa as family dependent (de facto).
We really want to go with the 3rd option as she's really fed up with studies (just defended her master thesis) and it's MUCH less costly.
The confusing part is I'm including her and she is ONSHORE. i couldn't find info on this matter. Albeit at immi dept office they told be to fill up student app form (as a dependent hence I'm not to fill it). not sure if we need to fill 919 form. also do we need any funds to have in the bank for her visa? Her Assessment level is 1 plus she works part time already...
would really appreciate if anybody could tell what to fill exactly and any guidance on our situation.
thank you very much

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